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> EXCLUSIVE! Marc van Roosmalen Expeditions: Suriname & Brazil
Marc has a new venture, consulting professionally for travelers, journalists, writers, filmmakers, publishers, universities, NGO´s, and other institutions. Marc is also available for accompanying intrepid travelers on fascinating journeys. Marc´s understanding of rainforest botany, zoology, ecology, geography, geology and prehistoric and present authentic Indian habitation of the continent and in the Amazon is outstanding. Please read his popular-scientific book originally written in Dutch but soon to be published under the title Barefoot through the Amazon: On the Path of Evolution). He is one of the greatest living explorers of our time and a superb naturalist, not to mention quite a character!

RIO ARIPUANÃ: Brazil's Next National Park and World Heritage Site? >
Read Marc's incredible description of the natural history of the Rio Aripuanã basin and his compelling case for protecting the area as a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

TWO NEW SPECIES: The black dwarf tapir and fair brocket deer >
With Marc's call for greater protection of the Rio Aripuanã Basin, read his description of two new species he discovered in the region, the black dwarf lowland tapir and fair brocket deer!

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